barre is a hybrid workout class: based on beautiful ballet-inspired movements which have the poise of pilates, the flowing sequence of yoga and the finesse of ballet. the low-impact conditioning class is a total three-for-one: it combines the movement of ballet, the strengthening of pilates, and the stretching of yoga, within one 60-minute barre class. 

barre fitness is an energizing whole-body workout that’s great for everyone - from beginners to pros.  each and every single barre class works to build alignment, strengthen your core, tone and elongate muscles. 


what you get is a total body and comprehensive session as you lift, tone, sculpt and lengthen your muscles, through small isometric movements. as well as an increase of endurance and mind x body connection.


the actual „barre“ in class is only used as a prop to help you balance, leaving you to focus on isometric strength exercises. the barre supports you by holding your body still, while you contract a small and specific set of muscles. the movements might be small - yes. BUT: trust the barre method - you will feel the burn! 


barre barcelona .jpeg