6 benefits of barre class

Is it worth the sweat, the shake and the burn? Am i going to get that pretty ballerina body? I know those are question you have in mind and they have to be answered. So here we go: 1st of all.. you already have the pretty body, you are working on, or wanting to change. Start loving it as it is. All our bodies are beautiful, whatever shape they have or not have! Barrelona.studio wants to encourage girls, as well as boys, to move and workout because we love our bodies, not because we want to change them. The appearance in the mirror will change as well, but that is not the main aim. And as we are working out either way - why not change the approach ?

Anyway, we shake, our thighs burn, our legs feel like jelly - why would you do that?

  1. Strength x definition: when we work a muscle group in barre, we make sure to target it from all angles - that’s why we have so many different exercises in one single barre class! By strengthening each muscle group thoroughly, you are not only creating definition, but you are also strengthening muscles that are often underused and underdeveloped. Tiny, tiny pulses - remember ?

  2. Endurance: barre classes include different types of movements. We use isometric contractions and small isotonic movements. These contractions utilize slow-twitch muscle fibers that can increase stamina and improve your endurance, two benefits of barre you might not expect - but you will notice for sure.

  3. Flexibility: you don’t need to be flexible as a contortionist to have all the benefits of a barre class. But due to the amount of stretching within one barre workout, you definitely will improve your overall range of motion and your flexibility as well as reduce your risk of injury.

  4. Posture: as we engage our abdominals throughout the entire barre class, have a long flattened spine, our shoulders are back and down, chin slightly up - you will notice this barre benefit outside the class as well. As your core gets stronger, your thighs get leaner and longer, you will stand and sit taller beyond the barre class as well.

  5. Mind-body connection: barre classes challenge you to not only go through the motions of the workout, but to focus your thoughts on each and every tiny muscle you are working on. So no time for clinging any other thoughts than ‘omg, my legs feel like jelly’ or ‘yesss! only 3 more reps. 2! 1! aaaand release’

  6. It's fun: beyond building muscle and torching calories, the best workout is one you actually enjoy doing - and because there are so many different barre workouts, and barre exercises, you won’t have to worry about falling into a rut or losing interest before you see results. Every single barre class you attend, is going to be different from the last one you have been to. Isn’t that fun?

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